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Bird watching at Jakkur Lake

Bird watching at Jakkur Lake Juvenile Scaly-breasted Munia at the Jakkur Lake After having explored birding hotspot across Bengaluru, Jakkur lake hadn't caught my attention even being in my proximity.The recent sightings of Alexandrine Parakeet and Gray Hornbills had to drag me to this lake. About Jakkur Lake: Jakkur lake is spread across 160 acres and has nearly 5 km of pathway around it. There are two water inlets, the north inlet enters the lake through water treatment plant. The eastern inlet doesn't have any water treatment plant, instead has a flood wall which allows only excess water to enter the lake. For this reason it stinks while crossing the eastern inlet. The Facebook group Jala Poshan - Nurturing the Jakkur Lake, organizes weekly Lake Side Activities & Events. Lake Timings: 5 a.m to 9 a.m & 4 p.m to 7 p.m. Birds of Jakkur Lake: Jakkur lake is popular among the waterfowl's and munia's. Some of the popular sightings include the migrat