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Birding in Vetal Hill / ARAI Pune

Birding in Vetal Hill / ARAI Pune: Indian Peafowl Male perched on the tree, Tetal Hill The onset of monsoons made Pune greener all again, which inspired me to explore Vetal Tekdi (hill) again. This place has never disappointed me in-terms of the bird activity or the nature it has to offer. I started my walk from the ARAI towards the quarry. There was not much of bird activity this time as it was already past 7.30 a.m & to start with, there was a lone little Grebe in the Quarry pond, some Egrets flying over, Cormorants resting on the trees & Indian Robins prowling on the grounds. A little further there were the aerial hunters, the green bee-eaters and the white throated Kingfishers perched over the branches & twigs above the pond in search of its prey, and there were the Ashy Prinias with their tail held upright & continuous tee-tee-tee calls. Ashy Prinia Purple Rumped Sunbird It was a sluggish start, before I went off the beaten track, which was very m