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In search of Flamingos in Mumbai

Bird watching in Mumbai - In search of Flamingos (end of Apr 2018): Lesser Flamingos - Haji bunder point, Sewri My eagerness to spot flamingos dragged me to Mumbai, in spite of the scorching summer humid weather. The plan was to visit two Flamingo spots on the western side of the Thane creek, Bhandup pumping station on Saturday morning and Sewri jetty on Sunday morning. After having done my bookings I read many articles on internet, on delayed arrival of Flamingos this year. Birding in Bhandup pumping station: Birds of Bhandup pumping station: On top of my bucket-list were of-course the flamingos, followed by the white-eared Bulbul, Shank's, Tern's, Baya weaver, Pied Starling, Sandpiper's & Gull's. Birding experience: As planned reached Bhandup pumping station at daybreak. My first thoughts about the place was isolated & unsafe. Bhandup Pumping station  After walking quite a distance reached near a water-stream flowing out of the sewage trea

Summer Bird watching in Vetal Hill

Summer bird watching in Vetal Hill: Laughing Dove at Vetal Tekdi It was that time of the year, where the mercury shoots up as high as 40 degree Celsius in Pune and not the ideal birding season. Pashan lake & Kavdi Pat being more popular with the migratory avian visitors and migratory season in Pune starts from October, So I choose to visit Vetal tekdi (hill) / ARAI. About Vetal Tekdi: Vetal hill is the highest point in Pune city & is termed to be the lungs of the city due to its green cover. It is popular among all age groups and hosts various adventure and nature activities including cycling, rock climbing and bird watching. Bird watchers can trek directly towards the abandoned Quarry site or the man made crater, the pond here attracts many migratory as well as resident birds & is the best place in Vetal hill for spotting birds. How to reach hilltop? There are three paths which takes to the hilltop, the first & the most preferred being the motorable r