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Bird watching at Hoskote Lake

Bird watching at Hoskote Lake: Yellow Wagtail, one of the most common sighting at the lake After having heard a lot of positive stories of bird watching in Hoskote lake, I decided to explore the place on a summer Sunday morning. Its popularity among birders framed my anticipation to spot many new avian species, on top of my bucket-list were the yellow Wagtail, Baya Weaver, rosy Starling, Crake's, Red Avadavat, Pied Cuckoo, Storks, Bushlark, Siberian Stonechat and the waders. Route as shown in Google maps from old KR puram was not accurate, couldn't spot the small left turn after the petrol pump, so had no choice rather to cross the toll booth. Once past the toll gates, took the service road and took immediate left. The road is full of big potholes and was waterlogged due to the rains from past two days. There is a temple on the left and to the right is the lake. Suitable place for parking your vehicle. The place is quite remote and I was skeptical exploring alone.

Bird Watchers Summer Treat at Kunduvada Lake

Bird Watchers Summer Treat at Kunduvadakere Davanagere: Every winter our feathered guests far across from north migrate to southern parts of India in search of tropical climate, for abundant food and shelter. Thousands of these migratory birds have started to choose Kundvadkere as their new winter residence. Chestnut-tailed Starling About Kunduvada kere(lake): The lake is just about a kilometer away from the Bengaluru-Pune National Highway-4 located in Davanagere city of Karnataka state. The lake is spread across 265 acres surrounded by a 4 km long walking path, it contributes to the need of city’s water supply. The glass house of Davanagere shares its campus with the lake. After a satisfied birding trip in winter months, had high expectations this time and had a longer bucket-list including the Bar-headed Goose, Red-naped Ibis, Lesser Whistling-Duck, Comb Duck, Shrike's, Pied Bushchat, Brahminy Starling, Western Yellow Wagtail, Baya Weaver and House Sparrow. This tim