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Herons of India

Herons of India:

We have so far able to photograph six types of Herons in India, The Purple Heron, Grey Heron, Black-crowned Night Heron, Pond Heron, Western reef Heron and Striated Heron.

Grey Herons are the largest among the Herons found in India and are usually a winter visitors. They grow up-to a metre tall and its wings can spread up-to 195 cm wide. They weigh around 1 kg to 2 kg.
Purple Herons are also large birds but are slightly smaller in size compared to Grey Herons and larger than the Night herons & pond herons. They can grow about 70 to 94 cm tall and has a wingspan of 120 to 152 cm. They weigh only about 0.5 to 1.35 kg.
While Grey and Purple herons are mostly found in the winter months, the night heron and pond herons are found through the year.

The Black-crowned Night Herons or simply night herons prefer to catch their prey at night, hence the name. During the day they are usually found in the bushes or resting over a tree.
The juveniles have a yellow and black bill wh…

Birding trip to Mysore

Mysuru (Previously Mysore) has lot more to offer apart from it's palaces and heritage sites, this time of the year we visited Mysuru dedicated for bird watching. Starting from November migratory birds arrive in and around river banks of cauvery and many lakes of Mysuru. We started with Ranganathittu. Every time I visit this bird sanctuary I have always spotted different species of birds, this time we spotted Grey herons and red wattled lapwing which was my first sighting in Ranganathittu. Apart from these we spotted Black Headed Ibis, Cormorants, spoonbills and spot billed pelicans in large numbers. We also spotted Snake bird, White Spotted Fantail Flycatcher, Night Heron and White-browed Wagtail.
Next day morning we headed to Karanji kere (Lake). To my surprise this was a very decent and beautiful place. The path around the lake is about 2km walk, so we hired battery operated bicycles. There are birds like sarus crane which is the tallest flying bird in the world kept in captive…