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10 waterfalls in Karnataka not to be missed

Karnataka state is blessed with over fifty waterfalls mostly in the lush green forests of Western Ghats.
Here are some of the spectacular waterfalls which I could recall.

10. Vibhuthi falls, Uttara Kannada
Vibhuthi falls are very less explored by tourists. This tranquil multi-level cascading waterfalls can be reached by a 2 km (around 20 mins trek) trail through the thick forest cover.
Type: multi-level cascade
Height: 31 m (101 ft)
River: Lakshmana Tirtha River
Best time to visit: post monsoons (Oct-Mar), although waterfalls are running through the year
More details: CLICK HERE

9. Jhari falls/Dabdabe Falls/buttermilk falls, Chikmangalur

Dabdabe falls is a triple cascading waterfall nestled within thick forest cover where the sun can hardly reach.
The waterfalls are very close to nature with its immensely beautiful triple cascade over the steep rocks.
The virgin water stream flowing through the forest fall from a height of about 25 m over steep rocks forming a triple cascade, which mak…