Pros and Cons of Huawei Google Nexus 6P

Pros and Cons of Huawei Google Nexus 6P (32GB/Silver)


1. Camera performance is amazing but lacks manual control. Slow motion video @240fps in 720p is something interesting feature to look for. UHD video also gave good results.
Photos look more natural with HDR+ feature enabled.

2. OS: as always my love towards android is ever increasing. With Marshmallow it runs smoothly and performs amazingly with great features. App switching is now made more fun with nice and smooth animation. With Nexus brand you get to enjoy all the future Android updates and new releases along with regular security updates. What's more is its stock Android experience, so install only what you want and no unwanted apps forcefully fed into your smartphone.

3. Phone features: the best thing I liked about this device is surprisingly it's signal catching capability. A phone however smart it is should serve the most basic feature which is calling. Haven't experienced call drops at all, compared to my earlier smartphone experience I'm too much satisfied with the signal catching capability.

4. Design and the outer body looks strong and flagship.

5. Processor: Runs on SD 810, which has 8 cores with up to 2ghz speed. Switching between apps, scrolling and games play very smoothly. Tried Asphalt 8 and angry birds 2 no lag while playing.
2k videos on YouTube plays smoothly without buffering, thanks to its Wi-Fi 5ghz support.
Google Chromecast finally plays without freezing, although it now freezes rarely.

6. GPS and Navigation: something which I use most and faced lot of issues with my previous phones. All the GPS lovers have great news here. This device is the best I've seen for catching GPS position and locking the position is also quick and locks for long time doesn't release saying "GPS signal lost". It took about a minute to find out gps position on Google maps without internet connection. Without phone signal also it catches the position and locks it continuously, thanks to its GPS antenna, GLONASS and inbuilt compass.

7. Sensors: It has all the sensors which you can have on your smartphone. Fingerprint sensor, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Barometer, Hall sensor, Gyroscope, Android Sensor Hub, Digital Compass, GPS, Magnetic field sensor,
VR ready, fully functional inbuilt Google Fit app.

8. Battery: Supports quick charging. It takes about 90mins to fully charge. With battery saver mode you can keep the phone on for longer times. It's 3450 mAh battery is enough to run up to 2 days under moderate usage.

9. Network reception is one of the main features of the phone. Although tried only on 3G, yet to test on 4G. In my earlier experience with the same SIM, internet speeds were very slow and was hard to even open Facebook sometimes. But with Nexus 6P internet speeds and connectivity have increased many folds.

10. Cinematic Experience: Ideal for watching movie with big display of 5.7 inch screen, 2k resolution and dual front stereo speakers.

11. Multitasking: tried switching between multiple apps and it worked well with switching between flipkart, Keep, Chrome, Facebook and Google Play. It opened where I left previously. But when tried switching after a long time, then it reloaded the page.


1. Heating: Heats up quickly when using performance intensive apps, like Asphalt 8, or camera or screen cast to TV or watching Hi-Res videos.

2. It has a single SIM slot.

3. No inbuilt FM radio

4. No expandable memory, so mass storage for movies and photos is limited to phone memory.

5. RAM on an average gives me about 1.2 GB free. I've installed about 50 apps from Google store. Google should have thought at least 4 GB RAM considering the fast developments in smartphone industry.

6. Camera app features has very basic options without any manual control. Although third party apps can be installed, we always prefer the inbuilt app for camera.

7. Single Hand operation: Display at 5.7" is a bit huge to hold in one hand and operate

8. Fragile to handle as it has rear Camera area projected outside with glass material and is also slippery due to its smooth metallic cover.

9. Have to carry your own charger or USB cable, as it has Type C USB cable so cannot be borrowed with other make micro-USB chargers.

10. Display turns yellowish with lower brightness, however at higher brightness it looks perfectly.

11. SIM Ejector: To remove the SIM you require the pin SIM ejector(provided in Box), which you may not carry always.