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Road condition and route for Sigandur, Jog, Murudeshwar, Yana

Road condition and route for Sigandur, Jog, Murudeshwar, Yana Places Covered: Sagar, Holebagilu Sharavati backwaters, Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple, Linganamakki Dam, Jog falls, Murudeshwara, Kasarkod Eco beach, Yana, Devimane ghat view point Distance & Expense: total distance covered was around 1200 km with an average mileage of about 18 km/LTR, coming to a total fuel expense of Rs.4,500. Route and Road conditions: Bengaluru -> Harihara (NH4) - 290 km - 4 Lane Toll road in Excellent condition, 6 lane between Tumkur and Chitradurga Harihara -> Sagar - 105 km - road condition is decent, with potholes for some stretch. Sagar -> Holebagilu - 34 km - Newly tarred roads, forest ride Holebagilu -> Sigandur - 2 km - Ferry ride for 15mins. Sigandur -> Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple - 2 km -  half route well-cemented road with concrete and remaining is very bad condition Sagar -> Linganamakki Dam (NH69, SH) - 30 km - Excellent scenic NH69 roads till Tal

Trekking in Yana - an experience not to be missed

Trekking in Yana - an experience not to be missed Thirty kilometers from Kumta is a hidden nature’s treasure, the Yana caves. This was my second visit to Yana, and one of my favorite nature spots in Karnataka. Solid black crystalline limestone rock formations of Yana How to reach: There are two routes to reach Yana, one from Kumta where it involves 2 km moderate level climbing after end of motor able roads and other route is from Sirsi which requires only 500 m easy trek. We took the longer route as we were headed from Kumta. To reach Yana from the Kumta-Sirsi highway look for the signboards, GPS position goes missing on Google map once you take the Yana road, yes you can imagine it is such a remote place and human settlements are seldom seen here. From the highway it is about 18 km to Yana, while the Google maps show it as 12 km. The route takes you through the canopies of evergreen forests with numerous water streams and waterfalls on the roadside. Tributaries of


Murudeshwara 237.5 feet tall Raja Gopura(temple entrance tower) adjoining the picturesque Murudeshwara beach Jog to Honnavar: The route from Jog falls to Honnavara was amazing with lots of waterfalls on the road side and Sharavati River gracefully flowing alongside highway. There are many attractions on this highway, first being the Bangara kusuma waterfalls, visible from the highway itself. There is a trek route if anyone wants to reach the falls. We didn't have enough time to trek but I’m sure it will be an amazing experience to trek through the evergreen forest canopies. Further down the highway there is a Sharavati valley view point, from here the Sharavati River can be seen flowing in the midst of the dense tropical forest covered hills. Further on the highway after crossing the gerusoppa cross and before Upponi, there is a hanging bridge built over the Sharavati River. It was raining here and walking through the hanging bridge with umbrella in hand, it was a

Jog falls - A dream come true

Jog falls - A dream come true Since childhood I always wanted to visit Jog falls, which came true only now even after being in Karnataka for decades. As a kid it was one of my dream locations. It was during the peak monsoon season of August, with mild rains and a wonderful driving experience from Bengaluru to Sagara. Jog falls Sharavati backwaters: We started our journey by visiting Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple ; the 45min ride into the forest from Sagara to Holebagilu was simply amazing. Holebagilu (the river gate) is the place where the road ends and backwater starts. The spectacular views of Sharavati backwaters can be seen from here, which is surrounded by Sharavati wildlife sanctuary. The 15min ferry ride from Holebagilu to other side of the backwaters was an incredible experience. Unlike the backwaters in Kerala, Sharavati backwaters are not commercialised, so don't expect any boathouse, hotels or even restaurants around the backwaters. The templ

Lalbagh Flower Show Aug 2016

The Biannual flower show was held from Aug 6th to Aug 10th. Twice every year horticulture department come up with a monumental flower arrangement which is the center of attraction of the flower show located at the heart of the Glass House. This time it was the 25 ft tall floral replica of Parliament house of India made of 400,000 red, orange and white roses. floral replica of Parliament house of India Other main attractions were the floral decorations of green energy house made of red and white roses with the begonia roof, and wind mill made of red roses. floral decorations of green energy house and wind mill Floral green house Something new in this edition of the flower show was the water sprayer setup to keep the flowers fresh inside the glass house and the arrangement of flowers in hanging baskets. Mist Spray inside the Glass House The Gorgeous floral Peacock made of blue and purple Orchids outside the Glass House was something amazing to watch out apart from the