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How to Repair invalid or corrupted IMEI on Android Smartphones

5 simple steps to reset invalid or corrupted IMEI on Android Smartphones: If after flashing or rooting your Android smartphone, if your not able to make calls and the network stops showing up then try to check the IMEI numbers, as your phone might have invalid IMEI. Step 1: Verify the IMEI numbers by typing *#06# at phone dial pad, if it shows “invalid” then don’t panic. Follow below procedure to Repair IMEI Step 2: type *#*#3646633#*#* on your number pad Step 3: select the below options on the screen Engineer mode->CDS Information->Radio Information->Phone 1 Step 4: Enter AT+EGMR=1,7,”Original IMEI number” Back button->Phone 2 Enter AT+EGMR=1,10,”Original IMEI number” *Original IMEI number can be found on the mobile purchase bill or behind the phone under battery. Step 5: Go back to home screen by clicking back button and restart the phone and check the network is showing, type *#06# to verify the IMEI numbers for both SIM. How to Upgrade ROM / Andro

How to Upgrade ROM / Android Smartphone Flash ROM

How to upgrade Micromax Canvas HD A116 with stock ROM v5 in 10 steps: Do you need to install this ROM v5?? Check you system Custom Build Version (Settings->About phone) If the Custom build version is showing  as below then you are already on ROM v5 and dont require to upgrade further, S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_14_FLASHER_USER If it shows as S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_13_FLASHER_USER Then you probably running v4 ROM and can upgrade to v5 following below steps. NOTE: Follow these steps on your own risk, I'm not responsible if your phone gives issues later. Update stock ROM in 10 simple Steps: Step 1: Take a backup of the data on your phone using applications like GCloud available on Google Play, and copy images, documents, videos to your external memory card. It is recommended to charge your phone battery to at-least 80%. Step 2: Download below software's on to your local drive on a windows PC . 1. Smart Phone Flash Tool  (preferably the latest SP-Flash-

Mysuru Heritage Drive

Mysuru Heritage Drive An amalgamation of Princely and democratic kingdom; exploring into the city and follow the heart in it. Mysore Palace With the excitement to explore the city of palaces, kings and thrones, we started our journey before the sun started to glow. Mysore-Bangalore highway being one of the heavenly places for foodies to explore local flavors. The journey took a slow ride when Maddur arrived when we needed to fill our fuels with yummy Special Maddur vadas and Mini tiffin combo at Maddur Tiffanys . A place where must try are Maddur vadas. The excitement increased as we crossed the bridges over Kaveri River. The journey continues following the google maps we took the diversion into the Ring Road. Special Maddur Vada of Maddur Tiffanys Our first destination was Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion and Folk Lore Museum . When we reached the Museum, we got to know some movie shooting was happening and it was closed for the public. We were a little disappointed. The