Utsav - Garden of Art - II (SCULPTURE MUSEUM)

The second half of the Utsav Rock Garden was mostly sculptures of Humans and Fauna.

Lifesize sculptures at the Gauda House
Next was the Indian Marriage Museum. Here we can see different Indian contemporary marriage customs & traditions of different religions are depicted through sculptures, and photos. The only interesting part of this museum was the set of sculptures representing typical Indian marriage reception stage with 25 life size sculptures comprising of all age groups.
Sculptures of a typical Indian wedding reception stage
Coming out of the indoor museums and passing through the Traditional Doors one can explore the village art open air museums. These traditional artistic doors are typically found in the north Karnataka.
Traditional door designs of Rural Karnataka
One of creative designs on our way to the art village
The Art Village represents the rural culture. Various rural professions like Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Potter, Barber, Weaver, Cobbler, Shopkeeper, Tailor, Carpenter etc are portrayed through sculptures. Some of the typical village houses were recreated here with life-size sculptures, a typical rural Kirani shop, Gauda (village head) house with cow shed, village school. 
a typical rural Kirani shop
village school
A typical Village scene
Men at work
Men at work 2
cow shed at the Gauda house
The path then takes you through the Model Diary, with life-size sculptures of various breeds of Cows and Buffaloes like Jersey, H.F, Red Indian, Deoni, Gir, Jawari, Murrah, Nili ravi, Sruti, Jafarabadi etc. 
Model Diary Museum
The beautiful Folk Market welcomes you further; here the village market is re-created through sculptures depicting Cattle market and Vegetable market where people are engaged in buying and selling of Cattle, Vegetables, Daily household materials, Spices, etc. It also features women fetching water from the water well.
A typical Folk Market
A further walk takes you through the Animal World, displaying both wild and domestic animals and birds.
Bathing Buffaloes
another sight on the path
The path takes you back to the Sculptural Fountain circle. Here there are artistic seating arrangements with a Food Stalls where you can taste the North Karnataka food; one should not miss the Jolada rotti oota (Jowar Rotti Meal) for your lunch. Jowar Rotti is more popular for its healthy reasons.
Most of the attractions inside the garden end here, but if you still have time and energy then you can continue to walk towards the Folk Transportation and Glass Garden. From the sculptural garden you need to walk a bit to reach the next attraction, so it is often missed by many visitors. The path takes you through the small boating canal, a beautiful lake and the paddy fields. After passing through many unfinished sculptures of adivasi or the tribal village and animals, we reached the Folk Transportation.
The beautiful path which takes you to the fountain

Goli design on the seating arrangements
Another Goli design on the seating arrangements
Colorful and creative designs for the seating's by making use of the broken tiles
At the Boating Lake
View of the lake enroute to the Folk Transportation with a broken bridge & National Highway in the backdrop
The rural transportation system is depicted at the Folk Transportation with beautiful sculptures, with a long procession of carts. There were set of animal fighting sculptures also displayed here. The final stretch of walk takes you through the sculptures of school children and different cultures of India.
Near Folk Transportation
Folk Transportation
Sculptures of Animals fighting
One of the beautiful sights around the garden
The last attraction was the Glass Garden, it is on your way back. 
Glass Garden
Sculptures at the Glass Garden
The walk from the Glass Garden takes you back to the Sculptural Fountain. We had our evening snacks here. Don’t miss the hot Menasinakai Bajji (Mirchi Ke Pakore or Green Chilli Fritters) with hot filter coffee and Churumuri.
I would suggest not exploring folk transportation when it rains, as your walk can be unpleasant with mud and water logging due to lack of well paved path.
The whole garden area was planted with greenery and artistic seating arrangements making it a pleasurable walk.

Our next destination was Harihareshwara temple on our way back to Bangalore.