Lonavala-Lavasa Trip - II: Lohagad Fort, Pawana Lake

Lohagad Fort

Never heard before and was a little confused to see no one on the road towards Lohgad fort.
Lohgad fort is about 11km from Lonavala M.G road, the road passes under the Mumbai-Pune Highway twice and passes through the Aundholi Forest, and after taking the diversion from the Dudhiware Khind road, the potholes increases and it is a bit difficult and dangerous to ride this stretch during monsoons. From this point it is about 3.5 km ride till the village at Lohgad. There are shops available here selling water bottles and snacks. 
The trek route starts from here and it takes about 30 mins to climb up the hill. It can be difficult for elderly persons and not advised. Don’t forget to carry liquids, as you get exhausted by the time you reach the top of the hill. I was in a hurry to climb up the hill, and forgot my water bottle and Juice bottles in the car, and just pulled my SLR bag and started to run. 
 The route is almost guarded by monkeys, so your eatables are not to be kept in hands, which can tempt the monkeys to attack you.
I started climbing the steps in a hurry and ended up being exhausted after about 3/4th of the climb. Then I realized I was out of any liquids, and wisely continued the remaining path without getting much faster. Reached the top of the hill much faster than I expected in about 20mins. 

Part of the climb was pleasant with well paved steps
One of the fort gates with strong doors
You get to the top of the fort through this
Once on the top the area spreads wide and mostly flat. Walked through all the sides of the fort, the view from the top is astounding with Pawna Lake to the south and Visapur Fort to the North-East, Lohgad forest to the north and the most popular view of Scorpions tail towards the North West and Aundholi forest to the west.
Pawna Lake to the south
Visapur Fort to the North-East
Scorpions tail towards the North West
Lohgad forest to the north
Water tanks digged on top of the fort
Scorpions tail with the fort wall and the underground water tanks
Visapur Fort at a distance and the greenery of the Loghagad
Grass grown on patterns
Lohagad fort is about 1,033 m (3,389 ft) above sea level, it was under the Maratha Empire. The four large gates of Lohagad are still in good condition and reasonably intact.
Our next destination was Pawna Lake, the route to Pawna was quite confusing.

Pawna Lake

We drove back the route to catch the Dudhiware Khind road and took a left towards the Pawna Dam. About 9km drive we reached the Pawna Lake, which was pretty much deserted by visitors and full with water. The water here was unexpectedly not clean, even though there were not much human intervention around, could be the reason such as factories. There are water sports also available here, but with very little tourists.
Pawana Lake
Pawana Lake
Some strange rocks were found here which were looking like some eggs
Felt unsafe here as it was a remote area, and started our journey to the last and most awaited destination of the trip, the Lavasa City. The road continued to pass through the Pawana Lake, and passed by the Dam.