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Adieu to Ooty : A Road Trip to Nilgiris

Adieu to Ooty : A Road Trip to Nilgiris - V
Last day of our road trip to Nilgiris, started towards Gudalur packed with lots of attractions to cover. We were delighted to see the weather being good to us at least on the final day of our trip, clear blue sky without any mist or rain.
Our first stopover was at Sandynulla or Kamraj Sagar dam, can be viewed from the highway itself.
After about ten minutes’ drive from Sandynulla, we stopped at the Tree Park or the pine forest located on the right side of the highway. This is also called as the 6th mile shooting spot. The walk through the pine forest was very much soothing. Beyond the trees you can have a view of the typical slopes of Ooty grasslands.
Another 15mins drive from 6th mile, is the Wenlock downs of 9th mile shooting spot. This is a must see, with beautiful panoramic views of the grass slopes, lake, and grouping of various species of trees.
We continued our journey towards Pykara falls and after reaching the place, got to know the r…

Excursion to Avalanche : A Road Trip to Nilgiris

Excursion to Avalanche : A Road Trip to Nilgiris - IV
This was supposed to be the most thrilling out of the whole trip as we had planned for Avalanche Eco-tourism ride.
As we woke up from the bed, the valley view from our room greeted us with beautiful slopes of tea estates, resembling a sleeping beauty. Having had a pleasant walk into the tea estates, we started our ride to Avalanche.  We had a stop at “The Culinarium” about 8km from Coonoor, to pack some delicious lunch. It was past 12.30pm when we left from the restaurant. Unfortunately our maps on Google had shown us a shortcut route, which later turned out to be a nightmare. It took us through ketti, instead of the normal Ooty route and later there were few roads closed due to heavy rains the previous week, we had to take the Manjoor road, instead of going back to Ooty. We then crossed through Baramula, Meekery, B. Manihatty and Palada to join the Ooty-Avalanche main road. This route was at least 10km extra, which took us over 90mi…

Fairytale ride to Dolphins Nose: A Road Trip to Nilgiris

Fairytale ride to Dolphins Nose: A Road Trip to Nilgiris - III
After a heavy and delicious buffet breakfast we left towards the Ooty- Kattabettu-Kotagiri Highway. Our destination for the day was Dolphins nose and the toy train. It was misty outside with less visibility, so we had a disappointing start.
Trust me this excursion was an out of the world experience with panoramic views of the beautiful valleys and tea estates throughout the journey. I couldn’t drive for more than ten minutes continuously without stopping my car, only to venture out and experience the beautiful valley views.

The mist started to reduce with better visibility as we proceeded, and our first stop over was just after a ten minutes ride.
About 5km from Accord Highland hotel on the right side of the highway is another view point with amazing valley view. This is near the Neeli Malai Residency, T Mynalai and stopped for 10mins for snaps.
Another 5min drive on the left side of the highway there is another beautiful view…

Thrilling ride to Ooty : A Road Trip to Nilgiris

Thrilling ride to Ooty : A Road Trip to Nilgiris
The drive from Masinagudi to Ooty was the most thrilling experience I ever had, anyone who had driven to Nandi Hills and Chamundi Hills may not find it so difficult. This route has a well-paved road, with safety measures covered with safety railings at steep edges and mirrors on every hairpin bends. Don’t forget to switch on your car lights; it helps the incoming traffic to spot your vehicle in mirror. The entire route was mostly covered with thick fog even during afternoon and was slightly raining too, so couldn’t enjoy the view of the valley below. Masinagudi to Ooty route elevates through Kalhatty Ghats from about 900m to over 2200m above sea level (ASL) crossing 36 hairpin bends.
At half way we stopped at a tea shop and had hot chocolate tea, it was a wonderful experience in the chilling weather. After about an hour of journey from Masinagudi, we came across a bridge at Kalhatty Falls and stopped for a while to enjoy the view with …

Masinagudi Jungle Trails : A Road Trip to Nilgiris


What to pack for long Road Trips??

What to pack for a long road trips??

Gadget essentials: Camera, tripod, battery, charger, filters, lenses
Mobile chargers
Headset Travel bank

Bath & Bed essentials: Towels
Bed sheet & Blanket
Toiletries Makeup kit
Tissue papers & wet tissues Trimmer kit / shaving kit
Other Travel essentials: Medicines & first aid kit
Notepad & pen
Swiss Knife/similar
Outdoor Floor Mat
Sun shades
Outdoor games like TT bat/ball, Badminton bat/shuttlecock, Big Airball
Indoor games like cards/UNO, Housie-Housie, etc.
Snacks, fruit juice, energy drinks, and chewing gum.
Water can / water bottles
Mosquito repellant cream & cards Sandals/flats and Shoes/sneakers Swim suit or polyester dress if you planning for getting wet
Car essentials: Car documents like RC book/smart card, Insurance copy, DL, and Emission test copy
Car battery Jump starter
Car mobile charger
Car mobile holder
The list continues with your wish list of favorite dress and acce…

Ooty Road Trip Route and Road conditions

Ooty Road Trip Route and Road conditions
Bengaluru - Mandya - Somanathapura - Nanjanagudu - Gundlupet - Bandipur - Theppakadu - Masinagudi - Bear Mountain Jungle Resort - Vibudhi Malai Murugan Temple, Sholur - Accord Highland, Ooty - Ooty Botanical Gardens - Accord Highland, Ooty - Kattabettu - Yedapalli Hatti - Coonoor - Dolphin’s Nose - Coonoor Railway Station - Toytrain to Ooty and back to Coonoor - Sunvalley Homestay Coonoor - The Culinarium, Coonoor - Palada - Avalanche Forest reserve office - Emerald Avalanche Lake - Ooty FernHill Sterling resort - Sandynulla - Tree park 6th Mile - Wenlock Downs 9th Mile Shooting Medu - Pykara Lake - Needle Rock View Point - Gudalur - Mudumalai Forest - Theppakadu - Bandipur - Nalpak restaurant, Mysore - A2B food plaza - Bengaluru

Distance covered on non-ghat roads : 552 km
Distance covered on ghat roads : 250 km
Total distance covered 802 km. Avg mileage achieved 18.1 km/ltr.
Highlights of Road condition: Route Road Condition Information on the route