The Royal Zoo of Artis - I

The Royal Zoo of Artis

Giraffe at the Artis Zoo

Another day at Amsterdam, left for very popular and oldest zoo of the Netherlands, locally known as Natura Artis Magistra built in 1838. The zoo hosts all kinds of animal life including the wildlife, birds, reptiles, aquarium and a butterfly park placed inside a beautiful and serene park.
What caught my eyes were the cute penguins, tranquil gardens, colorful butterfly, Gorilla, Black Panther, huge Griffon Vulture and the marine life including the Lion fish, stingray and mangrove kwal.

Some of the pics from the Zoo wildlife,

Ankole-Watusi or the Ankole longhorn cattle at the zoo. These African natives weight about 430-730kg and are known for its long horns which can reach up to 2.4 m from tip to tip.
Ankole longhorn cattle at the zoo
Below are some of the pics of the penguins, sea lion,  a very old and huge Tortoise, and a Gorilla.

The griffon vulture with their huge wingspan of 2.60 to 2.90 meters, it is the largest birds of prey in artis. They are found in Europe, Africa and Asia, and has a preference for mountain-like areas where it nests on rock ledges.
Griffon Vulture with its wide span wings open
The King and queen of the Zoo
The beautiful and tranquil gardens of the Artis,
At the entrance of the Zoo with beautiful peacocks left freely inside

waterfront restaurant at the Artis
The most tranquil place of the Zoo, at the small Buddha garden
There was an Artificial waterfalls around the walkway towards the Entrepotdok end
 More fascinating was the Beautiful colored tree and the wooden house

Beautiful buildings facing the Entrepotdok canal.
Boat house at the Entrepotdok canal
Beautiful facades of the Entrepotdok