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Découvrez Paris - Day 2

Découvrez Paris - Day 2: The next day morning was a little disappointing as it was raining heavily. We started the day late towards  Opéra Garnier  or  Palais Garnier  and on the way had some yummy hot dogs for the breakfast. It was about 20mins travel on metro. The beautiful ladies holding the lights on their heads caught out eyes surrounding the opera house. This building has one of the finest interiors. Opéra Garnier or Palais Garnier The beautiful ladies holding the lights on their heads Typical French Streets We had a quick walk around the Opera house and stated towards Louvre, got down at Pyramides station and started to walk towards the  Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel , this is a smaller version of the Arc de Triomphe. The big glass pyramid caught our eyes, which is the entrance for the Louvre museum. The pyramid is surrounded by beautiful French buildings of  Louvre Palace . This museum is one of the most popular and largest in the world and perhaps the most

Découvrez Paris - Cruise

Découvrez Paris - Seine River Cruise ride:  We got the Metro and got down at the Champ de Mars - Tour Eiffel. As we came up from the subway we got the amazing view of the Eiffel tower. We proceeded towards the river in front of the Eiffel to get the most popular thing to do in Paris, the  Cruise  ride around the beautiful Seine River. There was a huge crowd here to get the tickets for the cruise, one get multiple flavors of canal rides here, especially for couples. Depending on the type of ride, comforts and duration each ride costs about 13 € to 85 €. One hour sightseeing cruise costs 13€ which covers most of the important part of the city.  Choice of Cruise with food costs about 20-30€. Beautiful postcard view on the river Seine After a long wait in the Queue we got the tickets for the cruise and was waiting for the cruise to arrive, just when the rain started to pour in. After we boarded the cruise the rain luckily stopped, making the weather pleasant and perfect. The o

Découvrez Paris - Day 1

Amazing experience in discovering Paris: View of Paris tower from Seine River It was a bright sat morning in Paris on the 26 th of Oct 2013, started from Gallieni Metro station about 30min travel to Colonel Fabien station where we had pre booked hotel room. What you need to know before you start your journey: ·          Must download the android app “Visit Paris By Metro” from Google Play, it really helps to understand about where to go-how to go-what to do. This is an offline app, as you won’t get free internet in metro stations. ·          If you are planning for a two day stay in Paris then you can avail a 2 day metro pass for zone 1,2 & 3 access, it costs about 17.5 €. ·          About the people here they are used to tourists which contribute to a great portion of the crowd. Language here can be a problem at times for English speaking, so keep your Android App handy and watch out the big “M” symbols for the nearest metro station. ·          Also watch