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South Mumbai Heritage walk

South Mumbai Heritage walk: A week earlier: It took almost a week to research about Mumbai, and finally decided to cover only the south part of Mumbai during this visit. On our priority was to walk through the heritage path of South Mumbai and end up at Chowpatty Beach, and the Do’s were the street food and street shopping of Mumbai. The long awaited trip to Mumbai finally came true on Mar 8th, although the hot summer had already started to rise and Mumbai is a very humid city, but our eagerness to visit was no lesser. The day started at 6 am, when the train started from Pune and were excited to pass through the Sahyadri Mountains of Lonavala and Khandala (which are on my impending list). The train track passes through dozens of tunnels once you pass through Khandala. By the time we reached Thane (the starting point of Mumbai) it was about 9.15am. We started to have glimpses of Mumbai (low rise slums at one side and high rise towers on the other). We finally ended up at the h