Trip to the Misty Hills of Kudremukh

Trip to the Misty Hills of Kudremukh:

About Kudremukh: Kudremukh National Park is the second largest protected wildlife area in the Western Ghats (around 600 sq.kms). Three important rivers of Karnataka, the Tunga, Bhadra and Netravathi are said to have their origin in this area.
Mist covered roads in Kudremukh
All these can be reached within 80km. We first started with sringeri, which is famous for its Vidyashankara temple built in1342 AD. Reached Sringeri at 11am. There is a bridge Sri Vidya Teertha Setu across the Tunga river which connects from Vidyashankara temple to Sringeri Mutt. We had prasadam (lunch) at the mutt. There is one more temple called as Sharadamba temple which has lovely architecture built inside and photography is banned inside. The whole temple area is kept very clean and it was a pleasant experience to spend time in the temple complex. We then left at 12.30pm towards Kudremukh.
Vidyashankara temple 
Vidyashankara temple 
Vidyashankara temple 
Gardens around the Sringeri Mutt
View of Vidyashankara temple from other side of the river, Also the bridge can be seen on the left side
Vidyashankara temple 
Entered Kudremukh at around 2pm which is around 30km from Sringeri, there is no specific tourist spots inside Kudremukh except for Kadambi falls and Hanumana Gundi Falls both of these fall on the highway. Kudremukh National park is a Tiger reserve and the entry and exit are regulated including the time you stay inside the National Park. Kudremukh is famous for its natural grassland and shola forest, throughout your journey till the exit point you pass by some scenic landscapes, as it is a protected tiger reserve it is a plastic free zone, and all the tourists are advised to keep the forest cover untouched.  
Mist covered Kudremukh National park at noon

Kadambi falls
It was in the afternoon and we had no clue of sun, as it was so much mist filled around that we were unable to find our road. It was a heavenly experience, never seen before at afternoon such a heavy mist passing around us. On the way we found a small tea stall where we enjoyed drinking tea with mist covered around. While on the road you pass by Kadambi falls which can be viewed from the road itself, we reached here around 3pm. And Hanumana Gundi Falls also passes near the Road but needs a small trek down to view the falls, there are steps built from government for the convenience of the tourists. 

Route list at Kudremukh

There are many unnamed small waterfalls formed due to the monsoon rains which come across the highway. After you cross by the KIOCL mining industry (which is not closed by court orders), you pass by the coffee estates of Chikmangalur, which are again very pleasant for your eyes.

Coffee estates at Kudremukh
Shola Grassland and forest, Kudremukh
State Highway, Kudremukh
After coming out of the Kudremukh national park we reached Kalasa at 4.30pm, which is around 75km from Sringeri. Kalasa is home to Kalaseshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It started to rain heavily so we had to shelter under the temple complex and waited till the rain stopped and then started our journey towards Horanadu at 5pm, which was our last destination which is just 10km away.
We reached Horanadu at 5.45pm and it was still drizzling and we entered Annapoorneshwari Temple for darshana, there wasn’t much of crowd due to rains. There are some scenic landscapes around the temple complex. Had coffee having the sights of the mountains and left the place past 6pm to end our Kudremukh trip with all the lovely picturesque images in our camera and in our hearts.
Due to time constraints we couldn’t cover Sirimane Falls which is just 14 km from Sringeri.
View from the kalasa Temple
View from Hornadu Temple