Lalbagh Flower Show Jan 2011

Lalbagh Flower Show 2011(Republic Day):
The main attraction at the flower show this year will be the recreation of a miniature of ‘Namma Metro’ coach along with Nada Prabhu Kempe Gowda tower. 
These were adorned with a variety of flowers by Bangalore based Upahar Florists, owned by Seema Garg.
Kempe Gowda tower made from Roses
Kempe Gowda tower made of roses :This beautiful replica of the Kempe Gowda tower made from Roses is the center of attraction this year, the roses used in the decoration keep visitors happy with a fragrance apart from the colorful delight! 
Kempe Gowda tower
Metro Coach made of Flowers: the model Metro Coach which is 33-feet long and 5.5-feet high
Metro Coach made of Flower
Birds Nesting on the tree in the evening hours of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens
Some old heritage trees at the park 
 One of the Corners of Flower Show 2011 decorated.
Over 270 species of flowers were displayed at the flower show
 Patterns of flowers decorated on one end of the Glass House
Patterns of flowers
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