Lalbagh Flower Show Jan-2012

Lalbagh Flower Show 2012 - 100th Exhibition Event : 

          January 20 till 29, all roads lead to the Glass House in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Around 10 lakh visitors are expected to visit the gardens and see a visual treat, thanks to the Mysore Horticultural Society. This flower show is the 100th exhibition of the Mysore Horticultural Society that was started by the then Superintendent of Lalbagh GH Krumbiegal in 1912.
Major Attractions this time include Buddha Stupa, Floral dance forms, Floral Flow, Florance Flora Show and Diagonal floral Lines.
Buddha Stupa
Early Hours crowd at the Glass House
GH Krumbiegal
Visited the show on Sunday noon (22nd), on that day it recorded a whopping 100,000 visitors, making it difficult to capture the rich colors at the show. I could somehow manage to get a few colorful pics.
It was more beautiful and creative than the previous flower shows held here.
Entered the Glasshouse and was stunned to see the beautiful Buddha Stupa, it was 30 foot tall made out of 4,00,000 flowers which includes Roses, Carnations, Orchids and foliages.
Buddha Stupa
Dr M H Marregowda
Next to that is the beautiful arrangement of Floral Flow or The Flower Falls (Flower Pouring Out of a Pot) is made by Fern Hills Farm Ooty, stream of water appears to be flowing from pipe forming a river bed, 90,000 alstromeria and carnations are used for this arrangement.
Floral Flow
Floral Flow
Moving forward on the right found the Bed of different flowers arranged in diagonal lines enclosed in a square shape.

The National Flag and Taj Mahal prepared with RICE grain were displayed, by Shivanna Akki Kaalu Kalavidaru,Tumkur, Madhugiri.
Indian Flag Prepared with Rice grain
Taj Mahal Prepared with Rice grain
On the left was the floral show conducted from Expert florists from Holland, they have decorated a part of glass house adding international touch to the show, it was a live counter where they demonstrate floral arrangements of different style to the visitors.
Florist from Holland in action
Artistry by Florance Flora
20 different varieties of flowers are imported from Holland are showcased in the glass house. 

At the other end of the Glass house was the Floral dance forms, made from Nrithyanjali, a local group, has put up a theme of the various Dances of India, including the famous Dollu Kunitha of Karnataka.
Bamboo dance
Kamsale, Bamboo dance, Bharathanatyam, Dandiyaras, Manipuri, Keelu Kudre, Dollu Kunitha, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Yakshagana, Bhangra and Kathakali may be dance forms, but at the flower show they have been transformed into floral beauties.
Nrithyanjali - Dances of India, Presented by: Mandhara School of Floral Arts, Mrs. Rama B. Rama Murthy and her Team.
On one side of it found this floral design on the floor made from different flowers arranged, this is the green logo that Kennametal has designed.

Also you can find the floral decorations through edges of the glass house and on all the corners are arranged with floral designs.
Some of the flowers which were highlighted on this episode of flower show were Dahlia, Petunia, Larkspur, Oriental Lilium(Lily), Dianthus or Sweet William and also many other flowers were on display including Roses, miniature roses, Orchids, China Aster, Brassica, Chrysanthemum, Celosia, Poppy, Water Lily, Sweet Pea, Geranium, antirrhinum, Phlox, Pinks, Helianthus Mini, Cockscombs, Zinnia, Marigold, n many more...
Not bed of roses now chair of anthuriums
Some of the rare and least know flowers displayed include Poppy and China Aster.
One more which was found all over the flower show was the Peacock feather.
Apart from Flowers, there were Fruits and Vegitables also exhibited.
Red Cabbage
Out of the Glass house and could see dozens of shops through the curve towards sidhapur gate. One could shop for bags, artificial flowers, chats, art works, decorative items, and households.
Going further towards sidhapur gate one can see big line of shops on both sides where u can shop for plants, seeds, pots and gardening materials. Further on the right are row of shops where you can purchase indoor plants, flowers and Bonsai plants. You can find the fresh and healthy plants over here. I would suggest one of the best place to buy plants. We managed to get at-least a dozen of them. Further you can find shops with artistic clay and decorative items.
 Going back near to the exit are some refreshments, Not so hygenic but managable. Drinking water and chats are available all through the park. The popular chat over there is ofcourse the spicy corn.
It was dark while leaving and was chearful to see all the lights lit on the trees including the glass house.

About the show:
Date              : 20 January 2012 to 29 January 2012
Timings          : 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Entrance Fee : 30Rs/adult and 10Rs/children and 20Rs/car
                       On Govt Holidays, 40Rs/adult
Parking          : Four-wheelers, Take South Gate (Siddapura Gate), near ashoka pillar.
Note : Outside eatables shall not be allowed. Refreshments shall be available at the Food Court near Siddapura Gate.

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