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Lalbagh Flower Show Aug 2016

The Biannual flower show was held from Aug 6th to Aug 10th. Twice every year horticulture department come up with a monumental flower arrangement which is the center of attraction of the flower show located at the heart of the Glass House. This time it was the 25 ft tall floral replica of Parliament house of India made of 400,000 red, orange and white roses.
Other main attractions were the floral decorations of green energy house made of red and white roses with the begonia roof, and wind mill made of red roses.
Something new in this edition of the flower show was the water sprayer setup to keep the flowers fresh inside the glass house and the arrangement of flowers in hanging baskets.
The Gorgeous floral Peacock made of blue and purple Orchids outside the Glass House was something amazing to watch out apart from the glass house attractions.
Many different kinds of flowers were also on display including varieties of Roses, Dahlia, China aster, Zinnia, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum, Dianthus…