Vani Vilasa Sagara

Just under 200km from Bangalore is a less explored but beautiful place, Vani Vilasa Sagara best for hangout in the evening. It is located in Hiriyur Taluk of Chitradurga District, just 19km from the NH4. After Hiriyur town take the left on the TH road. The road condition is excellent from the NH4 till the Kanive Maramma temple, after the temple the diversion to the left leads you to the top of the dam. This stretch from the temple is an up-ride of about 1.5km and this was a mud road, but it looked as if the road will be constructed in coming days. The dam is built across River Vedavathi during Mysore reign. Construction started in the year 1897 at the order of the King of Mysore Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. The construction was completed in 1907, and the dam was named after Krishnaraja Wadiyar's mother.
Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam
First view of the dam back water while driving up the hill
It is considered as an Architectural Masterpiece. Google maps might misguide you the route, so search your destination as “Kanive Maramma temple, Vani Vilasa Pura” or "Vani Vilasapura Dam". 

Google Satellite Map
The place was mostly deserted, but felt was pretty safe. At the government travelers bungalow the motorable road ends and one has to walk a bit to descend through the fine paved steps to reach the dam. The view along this path is lovely. 
Well paved path to the dam
Beautiful view of the dam on our way to the dam.
No entry fee and no eateries available here, so don’t end up here during lunch time. The best way to enjoy this place is to sit and watch the waters and the hills from the top, it’s completely silent around with the sound of the water gushing down due to wind clearly audible. This was one of the most beautiful dam I’ve seen.
Dam and the wind mills on the hills
Small mantapa is constructed on ether ends of the dam wall
View from the hill near Travelers Bungalow
I would say the best time to visit is during monsoons and just after rains, which lets you feel the greenery around and the water levels will be higher. During hot days it will be difficult to walk around the hill top to the dam.
Isn't it looking stunning on top the hills

Our next destination was Utsav rock garden.


  1. I. My madhar land in Hireur to v v Sahara (vani vilasa PURA to marikanivea or kurubharahally.


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