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Lalbagh Flower Show Jan-2012

Lalbagh Flower Show 2012 - 100th Exhibition Event : 

          January 20 till 29, all roads lead to the Glass House in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Around 10 lakh visitors are expected to visit the gardens and see a visual treat, thanks to the Mysore Horticultural Society. This flower show is the 100th exhibition of the Mysore Horticultural Society that was started by the then Superintendent of Lalbagh GH Krumbiegal in 1912.
Major Attractions this time include Buddha Stupa, Floral dance forms, Floral Flow, Florance Flora Show and Diagonal floral Lines.
Visited the show on Sunday noon (22nd), on that day it recorded a whopping 100,000 visitors, making it difficult to capture the rich colors at the show. I could somehow manage to get a few colorful pics.
It was more beautiful and creative than the previous flower shows held here.
Entered the Glasshouse and was stunned to see the beautiful Buddha Stupa, it was 30 foot tall made out of 4,00,000 flowers which includes Roses, Carnations, …